Tips To Make Your Tan Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Tan Last Longer

Whether you tan in the sun or opt for sunless tanning, truth of the matter is that tanning is hard work. It may not seem it of course, but those who tan are the only ones who know what a tedious process it can be. Ah the hard work that goes into that bronzed look is not to be taken lightly. So it would be a shame if all that hard work faded off before you even had time to show it off. Which is why, it helps to arm yourself with the following tips to help your tan last longer.

Cool Showers

You are going to have to brace yourself for this one, since you probably take hot showers already. The simple science behind it, is that hot showers are prone to dehydrating your skin, even causing it to peel, which is not good news for tanned skin. Naturally, your tan dissolves fairly quickly. The remedy? Cool showers of course. Though they may take some getting used to at first, your body will soon adjust, and while you are at it, change your body wash to something more oil-based.

Apply Sunscreen

If you are under the impression that self-tanning will protect you from the sun, you could not be more wrong. However you choose to tan, know that it is in no way protection from sun damage. You will need to use sunscreen, even if you use the best tanning lotion out there. Aside from protecting your tan ensuring it stick around for longer, it also protects your skin and prevents the onslaught of several ailments, including but not limited to skin cancer. Do not take this lightly, and invest in a reliable sunscreen.


You may be debating this in your head, but there is no need to debate anymore since now you will know for sure: moisturizing is essential. You need to keep your skin hydrated, as this too will help keep your tan looking fresh and supple. Choose a rich moisturizer that offers great properties and includes moisturizing ingredients as well. Keep a travel sized version on you at all times, so you can use it on-the-go when necessary. Again, moisturizing is important for skin, so do not neglect this. If your skin is oily, look for something that is not too thick, so it applies well and is not uncomfortable.


This might be the last thing that comes to your mind, seeing as how exfoliating gets rids of dead skin cells and therefore your tan? But, as it turns out, you should exfoliate. It is important to slough off dead skin so your tan will shine through well. Just once a week will suffice, since any more than that will be going overboard, and we do not want to erase your tan prematurely. Use a scrub that has beads, and is not as rough on the skin. There are plenty of great scrubs out there, it is just a matter of choosing one that suits you.


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Tips To Make Your Tan Last Longer

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