FlikBee is started in 2016 and in just 1 day we have gained 5K registered users.

Want to know why we got so many registration?

Just read below about us.

We Don’t want to upload our own stories and tell them to our users, We Don’t want that only we will share videos or stories.

So, We provide our all users to upload their own stories and share them with the whole world and your story will be viral to whole world.

…not only this:

We also provide opportunity to everyone to upload their own photos/videos to make them viral toward whole world.


…want to make your own quiz?

Are you interested to make something new in your friends and want to gain their attention toward you?

Then you can also make your own quiz and let other to participate in that and let you check that how many peoples know right answers.

Not only this anyone can participate in quiz and have some knowledge of various things.

…want to know interest of other, just make a poll?

Do you want to know the interest of peoples?

Don’t worry we also provide opportunity to everyone to make their own poll and let other participate in poll to know about their interest,this will help you out in many things.

…now how we will help you?

Great to know that you have reached here.

We will help you to make you viral content like submitting story, videos, photos, creating quiz and poll any many more.

You just have to register on FlikBee and the thing start here,Don’t worry we do not  ask you to make any type of payment at any stage, we aim to make you to trend not to grab money from you. So, Don’t worry FlikBee is totally free.

Just register with Flikbee and start creating your content.




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